Just Desserts: Malorie’s favorite

A friend recently asked for my recipe for vacherin, Malorie’s favorite birthday treat (Part 1, “Ardis,” p. 85). There are many recipes online for vacherin glacé, a dressed-up version of this dessert, which has alternating layers of meringue and ice cream (http://www.recettes.de/vacherin-glacé). Due to its round shape the vacherin glacé takes its name from a round cow’s milk cheese (vacherin) produced in France as well as in Switzerland and packaged in a container made of spruce wood.

The vacherin Malorie has in mind comprises a single layer of meringue with a topping of whipped cream and fresh, seasonal berries. Similar to a pavlova, this version of vacherin can be sliced and served at the table. Alternatively, you can bake meringue cookies and crumble them into bite-sized pieces (two or three cookies per person). Place the crumbled meringues on individual dessert plates and top them with whipped cream and berries.

The crunch of meringue, the silken whipped cream, and the tangy juice of the fresh berries create a delightful combination of tastes and textures.

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